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Signs That You Need Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Although regularly vacuuming and the use of a steam cleaner now and again will go a long way to keep the carpet clean, over time, deep-seated dirt and grime tend to set deep within the fibres, making the carpet dirtier.  To keep your carpet looking fresh and new, search for carpet cleaning near me.

Below are some of the most common signs you need professional carpet cleaning:

The rugs Look Stained and Very Dull Carpets

Especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, experience wear, and tear. But then, they should not look stained, old, or discoloured. When you notice old stains on the carpet, it is best not to try and remove them yourself as they may cause serious damage. It is best to leave the old rug stain removal to the experts. They have the right equipment and the know-how to successfully clean your carpet, and bring back its full glory. 

Nasty Odour 
When you notice a nasty odour coming from your rug, it is a sure sign that the carpet fibres have absorbed sweat, dirt, pet urine, oil, or food particles. Or it may have absorbed water and has remained moist for a long time. Vacuuming may not remove the odour, and steam cleaning may push the dirt and grime in deeper. Wet or moist carpet can harbour mould and mildew and impact your health. It would be best to search for carpet cleaning near me and have the rug professionally cleaned. 

You Have Young Children and Pets 
Children and pets play on carpets because they are soft and comfortable to lie on or sit on. In most situations, children accidentally spill drinks or get crumbs or other bits of food on the carpet, which can leave stains. Pets can roll on the carpet and get their fur and dander into the fibres. Plus, pets can have accidents, too. Muddy foot and paw prints can also take their toll. When you have young kids and pets at home, it is best to have professional carpet cleaning and rug stain removal done more often than once a year.

Carpets are a wonderful addition to every home. They can make it look and feel luxurious and comfortable. However, they need regular maintenance and having a professional cleaning done once a year will help keep them in top condition for many years.

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