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How to choose a home builder in Sydney?

If decorating your home wasn’t challenging enough, building your dream home could be an emotionally draining life experience if you choose the wrong builder. It’s a huge commitment, probably one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. When you are looking for an innovative, stylish but functional home you need to make sure your home builder fully understands your needs. Though it’s everyone’s dream to build their home, it’s difficult to carry out this dream without the guidance and expertise of a professional. Finding the best luxury home builders is not at all easy, but it gets easier once you start researching, talking with friends and neighbours who have been on this journey. Doing your research online by checking out local builders will help you establish the type of home builder that will suit your needs. 

Check out the websites of house builders in Sydney and look at their client reviews on multiple platforms, google maps, Facebook, Instagram, Truelocal, builders website testimonials page. Look at their website presentation, depth of information provided around the homes they’re displaying. In other words you are looking for a solid reputable image of builders you see potential in. Always check for photos of projects that are built by the company itself. Should you see stock photographs instead that wouldn’t be a good sign as it won’t be a true reflection of their quality of work. Looking at several of these ideas with your aesthetic preferences and budget in mind you’ll soon realise your dream home won’t remain a dream anymore.

Home builders would generally always have projects to display as display homes they can be found at display centres or generally suburbs where there is land available. This is another thing you should do in your search for your dream home. When looking for a builder you want to understand their whole process from consultation to completion to make sure that it feels like it will meet your needs. All builders will differ and it’s important to map this out to avoid disappointment. Pricing, inclusions, such as excavation removal, luxury inclusions can often not be included so great to get a fixed price guarantee in place. Whilst researching, keep narrowing down the list of company names once you’ve shortlisted a few and start calling them up. When talking to them, do they seem interested, genuine, realistic and willing to give the outstanding customer service you deserve ? You’re building a residential property, a lengthy process in itself you do not want the stress of chasing the architects, contractors or interior designers.

After a general conversation, you will learn and get the feel for those who’d be capable of taking you on that journey to building your new home. 

If the phone conversation seems promising, meeting with the home builders at their office or display home would be your next step. Have questions ready on paper to clarify any doubts from the beginning. Planning questions thoroughly will give you confidence you won’t miss anything, it will also give some structure to the meeting. Visiting a display home can distract you from remembering important details if you are in love with what you see.

After visiting house builders at their display home or office you can see for yourself the type of builders you are considering using. Impressive websites and web presence mean nothing if they don’t meet your expectations in person. Examining their work and really feeling you will be looked after every step of the way, confirming they have strict processes and guarantees will help you feel confident they are a reputable builder you can consider using.

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