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Home Care in Newcastle: Services and Packages for Quality Home Care

It is not uncommon for elderly people to require assistance with activities of daily living. If you or a loved one requires home care services in Newcastle, New Home Group can provide the assistance and care necessary to maintain independence at the convenience of your own residence.

Personal care, domestic assistance, respite care, and palliative care are among the many home care services provided by New Home Group. Their team of qualified and experienced caregivers is committed to providing individualised care that meets your specific requirements and preferences.

The availability of home care packages is one of the benefits of selecting New Home Group for in-home care services. Home Care Packages are intended to provide a more comprehensive level of care and support, catered to your specific requirements. There are four levels of home care packages, ranging from the most fundamental to the most intensive. New Home Group can help you determine which package best meets your requirements.

The fundamental level of home care provides assistance with activities of daily living such as cleaning, cooking, and transportation. The next bundle level provides more extensive personal care, such as assistance with bathing and getting dressed. The third bundle level is for individuals with more complex care requirements, such as medication management and nursing services. The fourth product level is reserved for those with high-level care requirements, such as dementia or 24-hour care.

The team of caregivers at New Home Group is trained to provide all clients with high-quality care and support, regardless of their level of care requirements. They recognize that each client is unique and requires personalisation. 

In addition to providing home care services, New Home Group provides a variety of other services to assist individuals in their own residences. These services consist of residential modifications, the provision of equipment, and occupational therapy.

New Home Group is committed to providing their clients with the utmost quality of care and assistance. They recognise that selecting a provider of home care can be a difficult decision, and they strive to make the selection process as easy and stress-free as feasible. Their team is always available to answer any queries you may have about their services, and they will collaborate with you to develop an individualised care plan.

If you or a loved one require home care services in Newcastle, you should consider New Home Group for their high-quality care services and extensive home care packages. With their experienced team of attendants and dedication to individualised care, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will receive the support and assistance necessary to continue living independently in the comfort of their own home.

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