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Top Questions To Ask During Your Display Homes Visits

Building your new home is always exciting. It is best to start this process with display home visits. When you walk through these homes, you realise what exactly you want from your new home. 

You also get an idea about the varied house plans and decide which layout works best for your family. You can go in for a 4×2 house plan if you have a bigger family or can settle for a 3×2 house plan if you are on a slightly tighter budget and have lesser members in your family.

To narrow down your choices, it is better to be armed with a set of questions to ask the builder so that you do not have any issues in the future. Given below is a list of questions to ask during your visit to display homes in Perth.

Will my new home be built on the exact lines of the display home?

Every house builder has to market their goods. Hence the display homes you visit in Perth are bound to catch your attention the moment you step into them. You must ask the builder if you can expect your new home to be on the same lines as the display home you choose.

Can I alter the layout of the home to suit my needs?

Some builders do not permit alterations to the original design, while others allow homeowners to change the floor plan. You will need to ask the builder if they will let you implement what you have in your mind in this regard.

Is the purchase price inclusive of the same fixtures and fittings?

The display home is, after all, a marketing tool and may come with premium fixtures and fittings. In this context, you have to obtain clarity on the kind of fixtures and fittings that would go into your new home. Small things like a letterbox, clothesline, and landscaping features may not be included in the purchase price.

Is the builder based in Perth?

Accessibility of the display homes builder is crucial if you need peace of mind during the home-building process. Ease of communication is needed; knowing that you can contact the builder whenever you need to clear any doubts gives you a lot of reassurance.

What is the builder’s USP?

There is heavy competition in the building industry, and every builder will have a USP to attract more clients. Get to know how different your builder is from the rest.

What will be the period to build my home?

It is a vital question as this will determine the years you need to sign a rental agreement. There could be delays on the part of the builder, and you need to take these in the right perspective; maybe they do not want to do a rush job. You need to check their track record in this respect.

Visit a Reputed Builder in Perth

It is always better to visit the display homes of reputed builders in Perth. You are sure to get a top-notch job done in your new home.

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