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Embrace Distinctive Living: Exploring Corner Block House Designs and Discovering Display Homes Near You with New Home Group


The pursuit of finding the perfect home involves seeking a unique living space that harmonises with individual preferences and desires. Corner block house designs offer a distinctive opportunity to create a home that stands out from the crowd, while display homes provide inspiration and insight into the possibilities. At New Home Group (, a leading name in the real estate industry, corner block house designs and display homes near you await exploration. In this article, we will delve into the allure of corner block house designs and the convenience of finding display homes near you with New Home Group.

The Allure of Corner Block House Designs

Corner block house designs hold a special appeal for those seeking a home that stands apart from conventional layouts. These designs are tailored to maximise the unique opportunities offered by corner blocks, creating homes that exude charm and distinction.

Ample Natural Light

One of the key advantages of corner block house designs is the abundance of natural light. With dual street frontages, these homes enjoy more access to sunlight, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Versatile Outdoor Spaces

Corner block house designs often allow for more spacious outdoor areas, providing room for beautiful landscaping, gardens, and entertainment spaces that cater to various outdoor activities.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

With frontages on two streets, corner block house designs have increased curb appeal. The creative use of angles and facades makes these homes visually striking and unique in the neighbourhood.

Privacy and Openness

Strategically planned corner block house designs offer a balance of privacy and openness. Design elements can be employed to shield the home from direct street views while capitalising on open views from other angles.

Discovering Display Homes Near You

Unleashing Your Creativity

Display homes near you serve as an excellent source of inspiration, unlocking your creativity as you explore various design concepts and envision how they might suit your lifestyle.

Understanding Layouts

Visiting display homes allows you to understand different layouts and how they can be customised to meet your specific needs. You can visualise how furniture and decor might fit into the space.

Gathering Ideas

From interior finishes and colour schemes to innovative storage solutions and architectural features, display homes offer a plethora of ideas that you can incorporate into your dream home.

Seeking Expert Guidance

New Home Group’s display homes are expertly curated to showcase the full potential of their corner block house designs. During your visit, you can seek guidance from their knowledgeable team to gain insights into the homebuilding process

New Home Group’s Expertise in Corner Block House Designs and Display Homes

A Legacy of Excellence

With years of experience, New Home Group has established a legacy of excellence in the real estate industry. Their corner block house designs are a testament to their dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction

Customization Options

New Home Group understands that each homeowner has unique preferences. As such, their corner block house designs offer customization options, allowing you to create a home that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Showcase of Inspiration

New Home Group’s display homes are thoughtfully designed to inspire potential homeowners. These homes demonstrate the artistry of architectural concepts and interior designs that elevate the living experience.

Convenient Location

New Home Group’s display homes are strategically located near you, making it easy and convenient for you to explore their corner block house designs and gain valuable insights for your own home project.

Embracing Distinctive Living with New Home Group

Explore Corner Block House Designs

Begin your journey by exploring New Home Group’s collection of corner block house designs on their website. Take note of the unique features and architectural elements that appeal to you.

Visit Display Homes Near You

Schedule a visit to New Home Group’s display homes near you to experience firsthand the creativity and craftsmanship that go into their corner block house designs.

Seek Expert Consultation

During your visit, New Home Group’s expert team will be available to provide insights, answer questions, and guide you through customization options, ensuring your corner block house design is tailored to your preferences.

Bring Your Vision to Life

With New Home Group as your partner, bring your vision of a distinctive home to life. Their expertise and commitment to excellence will make your dream of owning a corner block house a reality.


Corner block house designs offer a unique and charming living experience, combining ample natural light, versatile outdoor spaces, and enhanced kerb appeal. As you explore display homes near you, New Home Group’s expertly curated designs will inspire and ignite your creativity, helping you envision the perfect living space.

With New Home Group’s legacy of excellence and expertise in corner block house designs, your dream of owning a distinctive home will become a reality. Embrace the allure of corner block living and discover the convenience of exploring display homes near you with New Home Group, your trusted partner in creating the home of your dreams

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