A new solution to unaffordable housing deposits:

Are you a first home buyer struggling to overcome the deposit hurdle?

You are not alone, increasingly house prices are rising faster than household incomes, and as a result first-home-buyers are increasingly being priced out of the market. The most common challenge many families face is simply coming up with the necessary savings to cover the deposit, which may take years to save. New Home Group are presenting you the opportunity to realize the dream of home ownership without having to spend excessive years saving. The solutions is the Home Build Assist.

Available on newly built home and units listed with the Home Group.

A financing opportunity offered directly through the New Home Group on all listed properties. The Home Buyer Assist can provide up to $10,000 to put towards the deposit for first-home purchase for only $5,000 upfront to secure the arrangement.

Together with existing savings and the First-Home Owner’s Grant, the Home Buyer Assist can give you the extra finance you need to close the deposit gap and secure your first-home today. You repay the funds back to the New Home Group interest free alongside the repayment of your home loan to your chosen lender.

This finance arrangement is across all listed homes and units with the New Home Group. To find out more and see if you qualify for our Home Buyer Assist program contact us directly on 1300 000 639 or simply click here to get started.

*Terms & Conditions Apply



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