Where do you have homes?

We build homes in line with our customer’s budget and lifestyle requirements. We can build those homes anywhere in NSW QLD & VIC. The land must be suitable for residential construction and minimal slope. In other words anywhere that there is a vacant block of land that is suitable for construction.

How many designs do you have?

We have 13 builders and each has approximately 30 designs spoiling you with choice of nearly 400 home designs. Should you have your own design we can modify one of the existing designs to be in line with your request.

Can you build on our own block?

Yes. If you already own a block of land we will assess the land and determine what size home can fit within your budget.

Can we bring our own builder?

All of our builders have been carefully selected and meet the strict parameters of the New Home Group. This includes, Fixed price guarantees, Full turnkey packages, as well as meeting our many other conditions that make up our duty of care to determine suitability. We have zero tolerance for builders who upsell or use “low ball” pricing tactics and they will not be accepted as a builder for the New Home Group. Our Value offering is a no nonsense –No nasty surprises offering. Lastly our builders will allow you to exchange their building contract with only $1,000. Outside of the New Home Group Offering, this amount can be between 5% and 10% of the build price making it difficult for those with limited savings.

Is the Home Buyer Assist Program a grant?

No. The Home Buyer Assist Program is a corporate interest free loan exclusively provided by the New Home Group. This is repayable by the customer within a 3-5 year term. The loan if applied for and approved will be provided as a deposit to your builder.

Is New Home Group a mortgage broker?

No. The New home Group will refer you to a Licenced Mortgage Broker to service your borrowing needs.

Can we use our own mortgage broker?

Yes. However all Mortgage brokers are not created equally and are familiar with the Banks’ Lending policies and guidelines. We have found that the success rate of brokers outside of our network has been limited due to this fact. The success of the purchase of your new home is reliant on the abilities of the Mortgage Broker. We suggest you make sure your Mortgage Broker is competent. We are happy to discuss the matter with your Mortgage Broker as part of our service offering to measure their understanding of the process and ensure they are ready to serve your needs.

What inclusions do we get?

We provide you with a set of inclusions that are full turnkey meaning everything is included. These inclusions are not only comprehensive they are among the most impressive in the industry. These are our standard inclusions. Should you require anything outside of these inclusions, we have the costings for just about anything you could possibly dream of. Keep in mind that we will make sure we work within your budget and make sure the added inclusions relate to real value not just expenses. You will be spoilt with choice

Are your house and land packages overpiced?

No. You will not pay more that the real value of the house and land package. The Bank who is lending you the money such as CBA, St George, WPC and any other bank will employ their own valuation company who is licenced to conduct a valuation on your proposed House and Land Package. They will provide a report back to the bank. The New Home Group have nothing to do with this process as it’s controlled by the bank. If the valuation was to come in under the purchase price you will not be able to borrow the money as the bank will see the loan as high risk and outside of their lending policies. Therefore the house and Land Package must match the Valuation.

How long does it take to build?

Time to construct is between 16 and 20 weeks (Weather permitting).The time starts once the Council approve your New Development. This varies from council area to council area. The HIA Building Contract will show 25 week.

Why do we need to follow your 3 steps?

These are our 3 steps to Home Ownership that are proven and guarantee your success of getting out of renting and into your new home.

Step 1.Secure Finance
We need to have your finance ready before we engage you in any property selection.

Step 2. Land selection and Acquisition
Very important part of the process is to ensure you are able to buy the right block of land. From the initial deposit, how you will exchange is all managed by The New Home Group. Then we need to inspect the land and conduct Geotechreports so that a price can be determined to build. We also need to make sure the price of the land will allow enough to build and we cannot determine that until we inspect the land and conduct all the required reports like bushfire, Flood, Soil Tests and many more. Outside of our process, this can go horribly wrong. You could either spend money you don’t have or spend money on a block that not suitable.

Step 3. the Home Design
We will work with you and our designers to create your dream home while being within your budget and ensuring the home is positioned on the block to meet council guidelines and achieve development approval. We do it all. If you’re not prepared to work within our proven process then we cannot guarantee your success.

How long does it take to get our loan approved?

Many of our customers have achieved Conditional Approval within 24 hours.This time line is heavily reliant on you providing all the relevant documents to your Mortgage broker. Once all the paperwork is supplied it will take approximately 48 hours.


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