What is the Government First HomeBuyer Grant?

The First Home Buyers Grant is a government initiative that literally gives the first home buyer who is building a $15000 incentive. It is certainly there to make it easier for the home buyer in that the homebuyers will no longer have to wait months or even years to save their required deposit as this grant provides the required funds for your deposit.

Where can I live?

We have a range of home and land packages available in literally all parts of NSW including the Hunter Region, South Coast, West and South West Sydney and many more locations. We focus on residential housing developments that are close to where the customer already lives, and we also do our best to get them the best priced land and home, which suits their particular needs. We have access to highly reputable land developers and Builders. What’s more is that they give us advanced notice on dates for the next land release so we can then let you know and we will then be able to give you the best priced land on the day.

What is your service?

Our aim is to help the client get into a home of their own in the most hassle free, and most enjoyable way. The client has to know that they are doing the right thing by themselves. This would be in the form of plenty variety to choose from when it comes to both the house design and also the areas where they can live, they also have to know that they are getting the right finance at the right interest rates. They also need to know that they are dealing with a quality building company.

What sort of finance can I get?

We have a range of different finance institutions to choose from. We literally have access to every bank and lender in the country. Our Brokers that we refer you to will make sure that once they have spoken to you and taken down your details – that the mechanisms are immediately set in place to get you the right finance tailor made to suit your particular needs.

What sort of home will I get?

We have a lot of choice available for you in terms of affordable house designs. We will make sure that the home you get is one which suits your finance, it also will meet your expectations when it comes to getting your first home.

I want to buy an established home. Can you help me?

We can certainly help you. We do see more benefit in building as if you compare an established home as against an equivalent brand new home. You will find that cost of the established home far exceeds the cost of building. Our building consultant will be able to help you in this regard and show you why it is actually better to build. If you are however adamant that you want an established home – we can try and help you in this regard:

What are the pros and cons of building a home as against an established home?

A brand new home is a brand new home! You don’t need to worry about old gutters, roofs, plumbing amenities etc. You are the first to use the facilities of your new home. Also being brand new, you won’t have major maintenance issues for many, many years. The minor ones that you may get initially will be covered under warranty anyway and will be immediately attended to by the builder. Also you look at the cost of building versus buying an established home. You will find that cost of the established home far exceeds the cost of building. It is also more pleasing to live in a brand new suburb with a modern residential look and newly laid parks and lakes as against living in a dingy old concrete jungle that’s fifty years old!


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